Jim Denison, Voice Actor - Frederick, MD


Real estate voice over for a video produced by Bill Millios Photography

Ad for Harrington's Equipment Company (www.harringtonsequipment.com) now playing on AM1450 WTHU (wthu.org)

Another WTHU (wthu.org) Exclusive - BMC Accounting (BMCaccounting.com)

New on WTHU AM1450 The Source (wthu.org) 88spices (88spices.com) Father Day's Promo

Commercial ad for a junk removal company in Frederick, MD
American Junk Solutions, LLC (formerly FBS Hauling, LLC)

Airing on WTHU - 88 Spices Restaurant, Waynesboro, PA

New radio ad on WTHU AM1450 (wthu.org) for Fredericktown Yamaha (www.fredericktownyamaha.com)

Promo that never aired on WTHU AM1450 because Urbana lost

WTHU AM1450 LegalID - WTHU.org

Commercial audio demo

Narrative audio demo


Commercial Demo

Narrative Demo


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